Transpack Group

Transpack Group is a group of companies dedicated to the production of cardboard packaging and cardboard laminated complexes. The goal of Transpack Group is to provide customers with the maximum protection for their products through a wide range of customised solutions and quality products.

Our companies have an extensive experience as a supplier for all kinds of industries and they have a strong commitment to innovation. Each company specialises in manufacturing different products, thus facilitating the achievement of the highest quality through specialisation.


Company specialised in producing corner/edge protectors, tubes and cores and technical cardboards. The company has ISO 9001.

Ctra. Simat, s/n, 46800 Xàtiva, Valencia (Spain)


Enterprise dedicated to the production of food contact suitable packaging. It produces compact cadboard bases, or corrugated cardboard products. It is specialised in technical solutions, such as water-resistant, grease and oven-proof products. It has ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and it is in the process of obtaining BRC.

Ctra. Simat s/n,  46800 Xàtiva, Valencia (Spain)

technical tubes

Specialised in the production of special tubes in parallel and in spiral, cardboard cores and cardboard rings. This company follows the highest quality standards and it can adapt and customise any product.

Polígono de Eciago 22, parcela 14. 20120 Hernani, Guipúzcoa (Spain)

+34 94 333 18 75

Le tube carton - Nedelec

high quality tubes

With a privileged manufacturing location near Paris, this company produces specialty packaging and industrial tubes. It also has a superb logistic standpoint to distribute the rest of the products manuactured by Transpack Group.

Z.I. 40-42 Rue Ampère 77400 Lagny-sur-Marne (France)

+33 164 30 66 66