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Trade Fair All4Pack 2016




In 2016 we will be again at the EMBALLAGE trade fair, now renamed ALL4PACK Paris.

Like every year, we are going to this trade fair with the intention to be closer to our international customers and to provide them with all the information they need about the innovations we will be presenting this 2016.

This year, we present a series of new products that we have developed to meet the needs of our customers. Some of these products will be presented to the ALL4PACK contest, as they are a worldwide innovation in the packaging sector.

For our clients in the food manufacturing industry, Transpack Group presents corrugated cardboard trays that can be used to bake cakes in the oven. We have also developed a wide range of new and attractive colours for our laminated paperboards that are sure to catch everyone’s attention.

For our industrial customers, we have developed special protective packaging that combines cardboard and foam, that can be easily separated and recycled for a minimised environmental impact. We also have developed antiskid corrugated cardboard planks that can be used as product and pallet dividers.

As usual in Transpack Group, these innovations respond to a series of demands our clients have posed to their packaging supplier. Every year, the demand of innovative and quality packaging rises. Companies have been aming to minimise product losses during handling and shipmet. Personalised solutions are the way to avoid those losses and to meet the manufacturer’s needs.



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