Anti-skid cardboard dividers

Plancha antideslizante cartón

Anti-skid cardboard dividers, made of corrugated cardboard, are an alternative to anti-skid paper dividers, as they have a series of tangible advantages.Anti-skid cardboard divider

Since these anti-skid dividers are rigid, they are easier to handle and to manipulate, specially by automated palletisation devices. Palletisation machines often malfunction or are unable to cope with anti-slip paper blockade which is avoided by our technical design. Another disadvantage of the traditional anti-skid papers are the papers’ lack of rigidity, which can cause them to fold and to get badly positioned in the pallet.

Besides, due to its corrugated paper body, the anti-slip corrugated paper divider has the capability to absorb shocks, and it is more resistant to other types of damage, providing a shear and puncture resistance. Other of the advantages derived from the rigidity of the corrugated cardboard support is that it improves the stability of the palletisation, specially when it is used as a divider to palletise irregular, bottled or bagged products.

This divider, thanks to its anti-skid treatment, has proved it’s usefulness in a wide range of situations, but specially in the transport of delicate or dangerous products and in the delivery of products through maritime shipping.

It’s efficacy is proven in inclinations up to 45 degrees, and we are currently undertaking further testing in order to guarantee its use when steeper inclinations are at play.

The anti-skid treatment that we use to manufacture this item can be applied to one or both sides of the divider, depending on the need of the customer and the use the cardboard divider is going to be given. Furthermore, these dividers can be manufactured in different shapes and with different shock and puncture resistance in order to meet each and every customer’s standards.


  • It helps to avoid products falling, sliding or moving, up to a 45º slope.
  • Improved performance in automated palletisation lines.
  • Better palletisation of irregular, bottled or bagged products, given its rigidity.
  • Shock absoption, and resistanse to puncture and shear damage.
  • Customisable with optional antihumidity layers (PET laminates) for additional protection.
  • Made-to-order, to ensure that it meets every client’s technical specifications.
  • Ecological, recycled and recyclable materials.

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