New oven baking trays

innovacion-hornoThis year we have developed, as per request of our customers, self-assembling cardboard baking trays.

These trays can substitute metal trays currently used by food manufacturers. They can stand the temperatures most commonly used by cake manufacturers and food re-heaters.

Being of a single-use, these baking trays do not require clean up nor disinfection. This means that the companies that use them do not only simplify their processes, but they also diminish the risks of food contamination and they reduce the space taken up by sanitising stations, cake moulds and trays, and other related utensils.

This disposable tray or mould is a practical and hygienic solution to the logistic challenges that food manufacturers face when reusing and cleaning their metal baking trays. It is also a cheaper solution, since they can also be used to transport the cake and to serve and present it to the customer. Furthermore, our clients also claimed to have saved money. They claimed this purchase enabled them to reduce their investments in moulds, and to make it possible to change the shape and size of the moulds when necessary, without a staggering investment to do so. In our opinion, this is an advantage that should not be overlooked, since the flexibility and the possibilities for adaptation are key for companies’ growth.

All these advantages have driven us to present these cardboard oven trays in the innovation book of the ALL4PACK trade fair. We hope to reach more customers that face similar challenges and have similar needs. For them, these oven baking trays could be the definite solution that they are looking for. We are looking to improve client’s logistics and manufacturing processes and we hope to learn from them as well to continuously improve our products. Should you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us.



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