Cardboard Food Packaging

Our cardboard food packaging has every guarantee for food contact, including ISO 9001 and BRC certificates. 

We manufacture compact cardboard products and corrugated cardboard sheets and products. All our packaging can be personalised with customised finishings, colours and prints.

Bandeja de carton para alimentacion

Thermoformed cardboard formats, in customisable colours, sizes and finishes.

Laminated cardboard

Cardboards laminated with PET, for every guarantee on direct food contact. Personalised colours, shapes and resistance. Anti-humidity.

Ovenable cardboard baking trays

Suitable for oven and microwave use. Several possibilities to personalise shapes, sizes and composition.

cardboard baskets

Baskets in all sizes and colours, in compact or corrugated cardboard. They can be personalised in shape, size and prints.

Single face corrugated paper

Protective cardboard for fragile products. It is possible to customise paper, weight and fluting size. Possibility of anti-grease papers.

Our cardboard and paper packaging products can be customised with flexography or offset printing.
Request our packaging materials suitable for oven, fridge or freezer usage.

Why choose for cardboard food packaging? ♻

Cardboard packaging is a product manufactured from a renewable and sustainable source, recyclable and recycled paper. It offers the highest quality standards for sustainable food packaging.

Paper is also highly customisable, since it can be printed and shaped to manufacture a wide range of paper-based packaging products.

Why work with a cardboard food packaging manufacturer?

As a manufacturer of cardboard food packaging, we can personalise most of our products, since we produce them to-order. We can also provide assurances for the quality and the reliability of the products, since they are manufactured in a  BRC certified facility. The minimum order will depend on the type of product and on the level of personalisation required.

Contact us today, and we will give you a quotation.

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