Cartón laminado para alimentación

Laminated Compact Cardboard

Laminated compact cardboard – PET coated- manufactured in a wide range of personalised colours or prints. The thickness, weight and strength of the product can also be personalised to meet different quality requirements. It is possible to manufacture any colour, from traditional gold and silver to the brightest colour hues, such as pink, blue or green.

These laminated cardboards are produced to order to meet client’s demands, including the addition of water- or grease-repellent layers.

These compact cardboards have every guarantee for food contact (BRC certification), and they can be used as a support for all kind of foodstuffs. They can also be die-cut in different shapes, such as plates or trays, that can be used as a cake support.

Available finishings:

Industries that use this laminated cardboard sheets

Pet-laminated or coated cardboard

We can manufacture a wide range of PET layered or coated cardboards. By printing the plastic layer, we can produce laminated cardboard sheets of any colour. We can also adapt the weight, resistance and size to meet the requirements of the customer and industrial processes involved.

Laminated cardboard manufacturers

We laminate cardboard with plastic layers to make them suitable for food contact and to eliminate allergens naturally present in cardboard. This enables the sheets to be used by cake manufacturers, smoked food producers, and also by the medical or sanitary sector. However, because the main component of the sheet is cardboard, it is a more sustainable solution than fully plastic-based alternatives.

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