Laminated cardboard

Laminated Compact Cardboard

Laminated compact cardboard sheets are a PE coated cardboard in one or both sides. Our laminated cardboard is made to measure, customising size, grammage and colours. 

Laminated cardboard can be easily die-cut. All laminated cardboard sheets and formats are suitable for food contact, manufactured under the BRC standard and following all its requisites. 

Laminated cardboard sheets made to order

Our laminated cardboard products are produced to order to meet client’s demands, including the addition of water- or grease-repellent layers in one or both sides.

These compact cardboards can be die-cut to measure, to manufacture a wide range of laminated cardboard packaging or laminated paperboard packaging. When die-cut, laminated cardboard can become containers, boxes, cardboard  trays and cake supports.

We can also manufacture plastic laminated corrugated cardboard.

Available finishings:

Industries that use laminated cardboard sheets

Cakes and cookies
Cakes and cookies
Petit four
Printers and graphic designers
Graphic Arts and Packaging

Laminated cardboard sheets production

The laminate in the cardboard makes this product a plastic cardboard sheet combo. The plastic layer can be applied in one or both sides of the cardboard sheet.

By printing the plastic PE layer, we can produce laminated cardboard sheets of any colour. We can also adapt the weight, resistance and size of the laminated sheet to meet the requirements of the customer and industrial processes.

Laminated cardboard in the food industry

Thanks to the laminated cardboard, these sheets repel moisture and grease to protect the food, providing an attractive image of the packaged product. 

We laminate cardboard with plastic layers to make them suitable for food contact and to eliminate allergens naturally present in cardboard. This way, laminated carton can be used by cake manufacturers, smoked food producers, and also by the medical or sanitary sector. Because the main component of the sheet is cardboard and not plastic, it is a more sustainable solution than fully plastic-based alternatives.

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Separadores de cartón ondulado

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