cardboard baskets

Cardboard baskets or punnets

Conic or self-assembling cardboard baskets or punnets, in a wide range of sizes, shapes and capacities. They can be manufactured both in compact and in corrugated or micro-corrugated cardboard. These cardboard containers are made to order with a personalised shape, and they can also be manufactured with one of the multiple shapes we have in stock.

When manufacturing cardboard baskets there are several personalisation possibilities, such as an anti-humidity or anti-grease protection layers or with personalised colours and prints. The anti-humidity layer can be achieved with a PET layer.

Available finishings:

Some sectors that use this cardboard punnets

Fruit and vegetables
Petit four
Cakes and cookies
Sweets and cookies

Cardboard baskets or cardboard punnets for fruits and vegetables

Our cardboard baskets or punnets can be personalised and printed with the flexography or the offset technologies, depending on the quality requirements for the image. We have several standardised prints available, such as the print that imitates wood. We can also print a cardboard basket of your own design. You can read more about the advantages of packaging fruits and vegetables  in cardboard baskets here.

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