cardboard baskets

Cardboard baskets or punnets

Conic or self-assembling cardboard baskets or punnets, in a wide range of sizes, shapes and capacities. They can be manufactured both in compact and in corrugated or micro-corrugated cardboard

Cardboard baskets are perfect for packaging and protecting foodstuffs such as fruit and vegetables, but also biscuits, chocolates or other food products.

Manufacturers of cardboard baskets

For large quantities, it is possible to customise the baskets through printing, to include text, branding, logos, instructions or recipes. Printing can be done though flexo or offset printing technologies.

The cardboard baskets are a sustainable packaging, made from environmentally friendly, recyclable and easy to recycle raw materials. Ask us about the possibility of purchasing this product FSC® certified, available on request.

Available finishings:

Some sectors that use this cardboard punnets

Fruit and vegetables
Petit four
Cakes and cookies
Sweets and cookies

Cardboard baskets or cardboard punnets for fruits and vegetables

Our cardboard baskets or punnets can be personalised and printed with the flexography or the offset technologies, depending on the quality requirements for the image. Cardboard is an easily customisable material  that can be used to convey the company’s brand image, as well as other desired texts. 

You can read more about the advantages of packaging fruits and vegetables  in cardboard baskets here.

Advantages of micro corrugated cardboard baskets

In addition to comapct cardboard, baskets can also be made from micro corrugated cardboard. The higher stiffness and the air chamber between the papers provide additional protection for the product.

In addition, the superior rigidity of corrugated cardboard baskets allows them to withstand processes such as shrink wrapping better, support greater weight and maintain their shape for longer. They also better protect the packaged product from damage due to knocks or handling.

Complete your order with our cardboard corner protectors for palletised goods or with our microwaveable and ovenable cardboard trays made of greaseproof or laminated paper.

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