Cardboard baking trays

Corrugated Cardboard Baking Trays

Disposable corrugated cardboard baking trays for oven and microwave use. Perfect for baking food, like cakes, plum cakes, lasagnas and other food types. They can also be used as an oven- and microwave-friendly reheating container.

This baking tray is ecological and sustainably sourced. Ask us about the possibility of manufacturing this product with FSC® certified papers.

Advantages of the ovenable cardboard baking trays

Disposable baking tray models (self-assembling)

Standard sizesFinishingColourPrice per tray
382 X 242 X 50 mm Molde cartón horneablePE laminatedWhite/whiteAsk for a quote
374 X 276 X 50 mm Molde cartón hornableAnti greaseWhite/whiteAsk for a quote
243 X 191 X 45 mm Molde cartón horneablePE laminatedWhite/whiteAsk for a quote

Ovenable and microwaveable baking tray (assembled)

Standard sizesFinishingColourPrice per tray
243 X 191 X 45 mm Bandeja cartón horno microondasPE laminatedWhite/whiteAsk for a quote
118 X 118 X 40 mm Bandeja desechable cartón para hornoAnti greaseWhite/natural kraft brownAsk for a quote
146 X 96 X 40 mm Molde cartón horneable desechableAnti greaseWhite/natural kraft brownAsk for a quote
* The prices indicated here do not include VAT or other taxes, and do not include delivery OUTSIDE of mainland Spain. In that case, the extra delivery costs will be quoted separately.


Industries that use ovenable cardboard trays

Cakes and cookies
Cakes and cookies
Petit four
Prepared foods

Advantages of the corrugated cardboard trays

The advantages of the corrugated cardboard trays are the lower cleaning and disinfection costs, the increased food safety, the diminished amount of kitchenware used and the simplification of the production process. This simplification also enables the cake or food manufacturer to easily change the size of the portion in their catalogue without incurring in big additional kitchenware expenses. All of these advantages effectively cut costs and help to improve companies’ bottomline.

Cardboard baking trays for oven use

brc certified cardboard food packagingOur cardboard trays are manufactured in a location certified for direct food contact with BRC. We also perform quality and traceability tests continuously to guarantee the quality and safety of the product. That is why we are not an online store: we know that each food an oven is different, and we want to help you improve your production process taking into account your particular requirements.

Contact us now to get more information on how this product can be adapted to meet your needs and how it can help you improve your manufacturing processes.

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