Cardboard Cake bases

Laminated compact cardboard plates, available in a wide range of personalised colours, shapes, thickness or weight. Our compact cardboard can be die-cut in different shapes by demand. Other personalisations include to manufacture the laminated cardboards with water- or grease-repellent layers, and also to make the product suitable for its use in fridge or freezer.

Cake plate cardboard

platos y planchas carton compacto laminadoThese laminated cardboard plates are perfect for displaying food, including its use as a base or support for cakes and as base for smoked or sliced meat and fish products. Check out also the laminated cardboard sheets that we manufacture.

As all the products we manufacture, these cardboard products have every safety and quality guatantee for direct food contact. They are manufactured in a BRC-certified facility.

Examples of our custom cardboard cake bases

Industries that use cardboard plates

Petit four
Cakes and cookies
Cakes and sweets

Cardboard plates as a cardboard cake base

We specialise in laminating gold, silver, false metallised and coloured PE laminated into cardboard, to manufacture customised laminated cardboard bases for cakes, sliced foods, smoked foods, ready meals, catering products and pre-prepared convenience food. 

Because we are cardboard food packaging manufacturers, we can customise size, colour and cardboard weight to suit the packaging needs of all types of companies.

We are confident that our product will meet the expectations of every customer, including those with special industry requirements.

Cardboard bases for smoked products

Laminated cardboard plates can be used as a support for grease-based products that could not normally be in direct contact with paper or cardboard. This makes the laminated PE layer necessary in both sides of the compact cardboard.

The fact that the product is mostly made out of recycled cardboard makes it a more sustainable option than the alternatives. Ask us about the possibility to manufacture this product under the FSC® certification, available on demand.

Contact us today to get a personalised quote for the shape, colour and size of cardboard plates or supports that you need.

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Laminated corrugated cardboard sheets. Corrugated cardboard offers higher protections with less material use.

PE laminated corrugated board

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Disposable baking trays

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