Cardboard tubes for textile

Cardboard tube for textile

The main purpose for cardboard tubes in a textile manufacturing company is to wrap fabrics or thread around them.

This type of cardboard tubes for textiles have a superior resistance, which withstands the high compressions derived from the manufacture of the textile. In addition, for a better performance in the machine, it is sometimes necessary to use a parallel tube, manufactured with bigger reels of paper, providing the tube with thick and resistant walls, capable of withstanding more force.

Types of cardboard tubes for the textile sector

Parallel cardboard tube with or without “flag” finish for rolling up fabrics

tubo paralelo bandera

Depending on the different textile manufacturing methods and machinery, it may also be necessary to use parallel tubes with a flag finish. This type of tube is necessary when, due to the manufacturing requirements of the textile machinery, a flag is required to attach the fabric to the tube. The flag is a paper on the outside of the tube to which the textile can be attached for better winding.

Although not all textile mills need to use this type of flag tube, it is still one of the preferred options for many manufacturers because of its ease of use. Although it is not a simple product to manufacture, our tube manufacturing technique allows us to produce high quality flag tubes for those customers who request them.

Cardboard tube for textile packaging

tubo de cartón

Fabric manufacturers can also use spiral-wound tubes or cores to wrap textiles around them, especially when in the company’s production process not too much machine pressure is applied when manufacturing the textiles. Cardboard tubes can also be used as postal packaging tubes or as outer packaging for shipments. When used as packaging, the resistance of the tubes can be personalised so that these tubes effectively protect these valuable goods, including carpets or high value-added fabrics.

Additionally, non-woven materials and other industrial fabrics, such as those made from synthetic fibres or even carbon fibre, can also require cardboard tubes for their packaging and production. Such materials may require parallel tubes or cardboard mandrels with embossed finishes, similar to the textile industry. Sometimes, they might even require tubes that can sustain a more force.

Manufacturers of fabrics and non-woven fabrics may need the same type of cardboard tube for textiles

All of these tubes may require other types of customisation other than quality and resistance, such as printing reflecting texts or logos, as well as changeable texts to enable identification and traceability of batches and references.

The production of these types of tubes and cardboard cores requires different, but complementary, know-how and manufacturing capabilities. In addition, parallel tubes, flag tubes or small tubes used for small cord or thread reels require a high degree of specialisation in terms of personnel and machinery. This is why it is important to have specialised manufacturers with extensive experience as suppliers to the textile industry.

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