Corrugated cardboard for premium packaging, a new product in our catalogue

carton micro cannelure

During the last months of 2017, the company Medio Ambiente Pack has begun production of corrugated cardboard sheets, which are manufactured following the highest quality standards.

carton micro ondulado estucheriaCorrugated cardboard, in its micro- and mini-micro fluting varieties, is a material that is widely used by packaging converters to manufacture the inside of boxes, containers and other packaging of perfumes and cosmetics.

The quality standards required by this particular market can only be met with a careful raw material selection and by possesing high quality standards and an expertise that guarantee a seamless production.

The inside of cosmetics and perfume packaging is an essential part of the brand’s image. A customer that opens the perfume’s box is performing an important ritual that needs to be taken into account during the design process. This inside protects the packaged product from damage, but it also highlights its beauty and its exclusiveness.

That is why many packaging converters and other manufacturers choose micro-corrugated cardboard as a raw material. The reason not only being its high-quality finish, but also other additional advantages, such as the cost and the many personalisation possibilities. Furthermore, according to several studies, in customer’s minds cardboard is a sustainable and appealing packaging material.

Besides packaging, these corrugated cadboard sheets that we now manufacture are used in all manner of die-cut supports, point-of-sale solutions and as a raw material for other printed products. Corrugated cardboard is used in all of these products because of its quality, and in particular our customers claim to have chosen us because of the personalisation possibilities that can only be obtained through working directly with a manufacturing company.

To offer this exceptional service, for months now we have been working hard to set up a packaging design and innovation department. Thanks to a new team of experienced and trained personnel we can now offer a packaging design and development service, and we can also ensure the quick production of product samples. With this new service, we are convinced that we can offer packaging that adapts perfectly to the product and to its design, in a flexible and timely manner, while guaranteeing our high quality standards.

These and other advantages of our packaging solutions and of corrugated cardboard itself have appeared in several articles published by specialised magacines, such as Infopack or Alimarket. At the same time, these news have spred through sector associations such as the Packaging Cluster, which has invited us to join them at next year’s Hispack 2018 Barcelona trade fair. All the press attention shows our company, Medio Ambiente Pack, is one of the packaging manufacturers with a most complete cardboard packaging products range.

To learn more about the services we offer and to find out more about how can we help you, please contact us or give us a call: 00 34 962 282 424. We are looking forward to hear from you!


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