Lidl’S CHW and CRW edge protectors

Lidl logo edge protector

Transpack has cardboard edge protectors approved for the delivery of pallets to Lidl supermarkets.

Said edge protectors have two available prints, approved by Lidl and its partner for fresh produce Fresh Strategy. These edge protectors are to be used depending on the type of pallet and its weight.

What are CRW and CHW edge protectors?

CRW cardboard corner protectorCHW cardboard corner protectorAccording to Fresh Strategy’s guidelines, for pallets that weight up to 600 kilos, the edge protectors or corner boards must have the CRW print (Corner Regular Weight) and have the approved measurements of 45 mm per side and 4 mm of thickness. For pallets of more than 600 kilos, the edge protectors or corner boards must have the CHW print (Corner Heavy Weight) and the approved measurements of 50 mm per side and 5 mm thickness.

The lenght of each edge protector will vary depending on the specific height of the desired palletisation, being the minimum lenght from the middle of the pallet support up until the middle of the last row of boxes or crates.

This edge protector is one of the several packaging materials that are being standardised by the Lidl supermarkets. In the edge protector’s case, it is a fully recyclable cardboard product with an exterior layer in natural kraft paper. Furthermore, Lidl’s consulting agency Fresh Strategy demands that Transpack prints its own logo and the manufacturing date in the inside of the edge protector. This way a better traceability can be accomplished and we as a manufacturer can better take responsibility of the product’s quality.

How to choose the right Lidl pallet edge protector?

Edge protector resistance test for lidl supermarketDuring the adaptation period that took place over a year ago, several laboratory tests have essayed the corner protectors following the rule UNE-EN 13393:2001 to guarantee that Lidl’s edge protectors meet the quality and measurement criteria to ensure the stability of the pallets that are delivered to Lidl supermarkets all over the world. Thanks to this standarisation process, Lidl managers said they expect to diminish issues during pallet transportation.

As manufacturers of printed Lidl cardboard edge protectors, we can swiftly supply the approved product cut to order to the client’s desired lenght. Should you have any question or require any type of assistance in material selection, do not hesitate to contact our expert personnel.


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