Special cardboard and foam protective packaging

cardboard and foam packaging


The combination of flexible cardboard with foam is a complete packaging innovation. For the first time, the combination of foam and cardboard has been achieved in an industrialised process and with low costs.

This new formula will help to improve the protection of big products in a new way.

This special cardboard and foam combination in packaging products combines the traditional and ecological protection provided by cardboard packaging with the antiscratch, antischock and antistatic properties of foam. One of its main advantages is that this kind of packaging avoids damage caused by friction. This is also an ecological packaging alternative to a packaging fully made out of plastic or foam. This product not only contains less plastic, but cardboard and foam can also be separated to be treated or recycled separately.

This product can be adapted to the client’s specific needs, as this technology can be adapted to protective packaging in all shapes and sizes. It can also be combined with plastic laminatesfor an additional protection that avoids humidity or fat damage.

This worldwide innovation will be presented in our stand in the renowned 2016 trade fair ALL4PACK Paris, where Transpack Group will be presenting this and other innovations in the most important packaging innovation trade fair and contest of Europe.



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