Cardboard edge guards with FSC®certification

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cantonera de carton para paletizarTranspack Group has obtain the Forest Stewarship Council’s authorisation to manufacture cardboard edge guards with FSC® certification.

The edge board is a type of packaging material that can be manufactured with recycled papers. It is used to stabilise pallets, protect product’s corners and reinforce cardboard boxes. It is designed to be easily recicled in any paper recycling waste containers.

The Forest Stewardship Council organisation aims to achieve a sustainable and responsible forestry, and through its registered trademark FSC®, it enables consumers to choose for products whose raw materials come from sustainably managed forests. Thanks to this initiative, customers and companies can easily differentiate the sustainable option and reduce their carbon footprint. This initiative can become a competitive advantage for companies, since it proves to their customers that they have a strong commitment with sustainability and responsible forestry.

That is the reason why many companies are now requiring from their suppliers that they use cardboard edge guards with the FSC® certificate when protecting their products o to stabilise their pallets. Our company is answering to these requests and it can now manufacture cardboard edge guards that meet all the criteria of the  Forest Stewardship Council organisation, including requisites on traceability, sustainability or recyclability of the raw materials originated from well-managed forests.

We are the first manufacturer of cardboard edge guards in the region with the FSC® certificate

Given our strong commitment with sustainability, Transpack decided to obtain this certification and to manufacture under the standard both edge guards and cardboard cores. When Transpack obtained said certification several news media shared published it, since we became the first manufacturer that obtained the certification to produce this type of packaging under the standard. We have been using mostly recicled papers in our production processes for years, purchasing our papers from certified and responsible sources. This way we can contribute to close the paper loop, and help paper to remain one of the most sustainable and recycled material in the world.

To get a personalised quotation of cardboard edge guards with FSC® certificate, or to get more information about this product, please contact us through our contact form or give us a call.

Our team of packaging technicians is available to help you select the FSC® certified cardboard edge guards required to best protect your product.

Embalajes Ecologicos Transpack is FSC® certified with the certificate number SGSCH-COC-06042. Search for our FSC® certified products, such as tubes, cores or cardboard edge protectors, available on order.


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