Individual fruit packaging, more popular than ever

cesta o bandeja cartón para fruta

cesta bandeja cartón

During the last few years we have seen a rise in the number of packaged fruit in supermarkets and other stores. Fruit in small packaging containers, such as trays or baskets, have multiplied.

As it appeared in several articles published by packaging magazines, such as Infopack  or Tecnoalimen, the reasons for this rapid change are diverse. However, we can highlight several of these reasons, such as the desire companies have to create and strenghten consumer’s brand awareness; to improve fruit’s appearance and conservation, avoiding damages to the product and unnecessary manipulation; and above all, the desire to offer a “premium” or quality image, that appears attractive in the store’s shelves. These reasons are powerful enough to have persuaded big and medium fruit producers and marketers, that see in this change a business opportunity.

This business opportunity is strongly related to the quality image of the fruits that is strongly coveted by all companies. To a great degree, this image depends on the type of packaging used. As consumer preferences and sectorial studies have repeatedly shown, the most popular packaging is the baskets or trays made of cardboard.

Cardboard packaging is quality packaging, and it provides a great support for printing, personalising and otherwise adapting the container. Furthermore, this type of packaging is also one of the most sustainable packaging alternatives. These characteristics make cardboard the ideal packaging both for “Premium” and biological or ecological fruits, so it is no surprise that its popularity has risen in the last few years.

As manufacturers of paper and cardboard packaging, from our company Medio Ambiente Pack we believe that we have to provide a solution to those of our clients in individual fruit packaging.

This is a sector in which we have first-hand knowledge and expertise. In fact, we have been working for fruit and vegetable companies the past 25 years, as the country’s preferred supplier of cardboard edge boards, which are used for the palletisation of fruits and other goods.

Cestas carton impresas efecto madera para frutaTherefore, to help our clients fulfil all their packaging needs, we have created a new manufacturing line dedicated to the production of cardboard containers such as trays or baskets, in personalised colours or with “wood effect” prints. This way, we hope to meet the objective of our company Medio Ambiente Pack: to offer the most complete range of packaging solutions. We believe that we can achieve this by offering a series of generic packaging designs that can be used as a starting point from which our customers can innovate and imagine a packaging that reflects what they want and that feels like their own.

Among all the different customisation alternatives for our cardboard trays and baskets, the “shiny” finishes and the natural designs such as “wood-effect” prints are the most popular. These possibilities are unique to the cardboard materials, and cannot be imitated in plastic alternatives, which are also commonly perceived as not sustainable and less hygienic.

Due to our many years as a packaging supplier, and due to our wide range of products, Medio Ambiente Pack can also manufacture corrugated cardboard packaging and laminated finishes. These manufacturing alternatives, more technical and complete, provide cardboard trays and baskets with additional resistance and protection. This way, the packaging can resist humidity and other adverse conditions if necessary, without damage to its shape and protecting the packaging’s contents.

To know which kind of cardboard tray or basket would suit your own product line best, you can contact us and let us find together the best packaging solution. We will put our team’s expertise at your service. Contact us by email or by telephone in number +34962282424.

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