Industrial Packaging

We manufacture a wide range of cardboard packaging products. These products are specially designed to provide the maximum protection to all kind of goods, individually or in combination with other packaging products. All our packaging is manufactured using recycled or recyclable cardboard and paper, it’s designed to protect packaged goods during shipment or storage, and to withstand the requirements of industrial productive processes.

cardboard corner protectors manufacturer

Standardised or personalised edge boards. In “L” or “U” shape. Their shape, size, thickness and printable surface can be personalised.

Cartón ondulado en rollo

A flexible packaging for all kind of goods. It can be personalised in size, weight and in the kind of papers used in its production.

Corrugated cardboard with specific treatments, such as anti-skid, anti-humidity or anti-shock properties.

Tubos de cartón

Spiral or convolute tubes manufactured to client specifications. Check out our specialty tubes.

Cardboard rings

Standard or personalised cardboard rings that are custom made to meet the client’s requirements.

corrugated cardboard sheets

Micro corrugated cardboard sheets to manufacture packaging amd other containers. Personalise size, fluting and colour.

Our cardboard packaging products can all be personalised

We are a manufacturer of personalised industrial cardboard packaging

As a manufacturer of cardboard packaging we can adapt our products to fit the needs and requirements of most industries and distributors. Our deep knowledge as manufacturers of industrial cardboard packaging gives us the possibility to adapt our products and innovate to develop better cardboard industrial packaging together with our customers.

Depending on the product, the adaptations can include size, weight, resistance and printed texts or logos. These adaptations might require a certain minimum quantity, that may change for each type of packaging. In any case, we encourage everyone to contact us to lean more about our personalisation possibilities.

Why choose for industrial cardboard products?

Cardboard packaging is a renewable and sustainable product, since it is manufactured with recycled papers. This is also the kind of product that can be personalised enough to meet most industrial requirements from manufacturing processes.

Why work with an industrial cardboard manufacturer?

As an industrial cardboard packaging manufacturer, we can personalise most of our products, since we manufacture them to-order. This ensures the quality and the reliability of the products, and safe and smooth production processes and palletisation. Minimum orders will depend on the type of products and the level of customisation required.

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