Cardboard rings

Cardboard Rings

Cardboard rings (or mini-tubes) are made to order, with kraft and recycled papers. They are manufactured following client specifications.

The characteristics of the cardboard rings can be personalised, including internal and external diameter, lenght, thickness, quality and resistance. We also have the possibility of manufacturing them with a printed exterior or interior. 

Manufacturer of cardboard tubesManufaturers of cardboard rings and cardboard cylinders

We are manufacturers of cardboard rings for labels, rolls of paper, plastic or other roll-up products. This makes us experts in manufacturing short tube or small tube with excellent quality. 

We can manufacture a wide range of cardboard tubes with customised diameters and exact lengths to meet our customers’ specifications. Each cardboard ring is made to measure, so that they are perfectly adapted to the shafts of the machinery and to the production lines in which they are to be used. 

Because client satisfaction is paramount, each customer gets a customised product. You can additionally check out our cardboard tubes.

Some industries that use cardboard rings

papier et plastique
Paper and tape

Cardboard rings for paper rolls, tapes or labels

Cardboard rings are the perfect base to be able to wrap around different products, such as labels, tapes, paper rolls and other flexible materials. These rings can be personalised to the exact diameters required by the production processes of each customer.

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Printed cardboard rings

Thanks to our extensive machine park and our expert production of cardboard rings and cardboard cylinders, we have the possibility of printing logos and texts on the outside or inside in up to four colours.

Rings and small-diameter tubes

Thanks to our wide range of machines specialised in the manufacture of cardboard tubes, we can manufacture cardboard rings with large diameters as well as mini-tubes or small diameter rings, adapted to all types of roll-up or rewindable products.

Depending on the type of sector for which they are intended, the mini-tubes or rings will vary in size and strength.

Sustainability and recycling

These rings are made from recycled cardboard and are also recyclable and environmentally friendly. Our custom made cardboard cylinders can replace plastic cores making tape rolls and other roll-ups an environmentally friendly and sustainable option.

We can also manufacture this product with FSC® certification, available on request.

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