corrugated cardboard sheets

Quality Corrugated Cardboard Sheets

Micro or mini-micro corrugated cardboard sheets, manufactured with white or black quality papers

This product is made-to-measure following client requirements, adapting papers, paper colours, sizes and fluting. Personalised colours can be achieved by printing the paper.

Among the available flutings, the most widely used ones are the micro and mini-micro fluting corrugation.

Corrugated cardboard sheets manufacturer

As a manufacturer, we specialise in supplying made-to-measure cardboard sheets. Micro corrugated board is an ideal raw material for packaging manufacturers or die cutters, as it is an ideal medium for all kinds of packaging creations.

These corrugated cardboard sheets are custom-made from the highest quality recyclable cardboard. Our sheets stand out for their appearance and flatness. Therefore, they can be easily used in die-cutting and assembly machines.

Please ask about the possibility of purchasing this product with the FSC® certification, available on request.

It is also possible to produce this product as microwave and oven-safe, food-safe corrugated board sheets, with which to manufacture corrugated supports for food

Some industries that use corrugated cardboard sheets

Petit four
Printers and graphic designers
Graphic arts
papier et plastique
Packaging manufacturers

Corrugated cardboard sheets for packaging products

These single-flute corrugated board sheets are commonly used in the interiors of cartons or packaging for premium items such as perfumery and cosmetics packaging or for the production of cardboard baskets or punnets.

Corrugated cardboard sheets are manufactured with recyclable paper of the highest quality, and they offer a distinctive flat and smooth appearance. This makes them the ideal support for the die-cutting and printing of packaging and other products. We can laminate one or both sides of the cardboard for those clients who require it. 

Sheets of cardboard for packaging interiors

Thanks to the cushioning properties of corrugated cardboard, the packaged product is protected against damage and shocks. In addition, this product is an economical and sustainable material, as it is made of paper.

As a manufacturer, we can adapt the characteristics of the board, such as size, type or colour of paper or different thicknesses or height of the fluting. Our single channel sheets are often used for packaging. We can also manufacture heavy duty double channel sheets on request.

Contact us now for more information or to receive a customised quote. Volume discounts are available.

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