corrugated cardboard sheets

Quality Corrugated Cardboard Sheets

Micro or mini-micro corrugated cardboard sheets, manufactured with white or black quality papers. Other personalised colours can also be achieved by printing the paper. This product is personalised to the requirements of the client, by adapting colours, papers, sizes and fluting. Among the available flutings, the most widely used ones are the micro and mini-micro fluting corrugation.

Corrugated cardboard sheets are widely used to manufacture the interiors of premium and quality cosmetics packaging. They are also an excellent material for other kind of paper and cardboard-based manufactures and a great support for printed or laminated designs.

Some industries that use corrugated cardboard sheets

artes graficas
Graphic arts

Corrugated cardboard sheets for packaging products

Corrugated cardboard sheets are manufactured with recyclable paper of the highest quality, and they offer a distinctive flat and smooth appearance. This makes them the ideal support for the die-cutting and printing of packaging and other products. We can laminate one or both sides of the cardboard for those clients who require it. We can also manufacture this product corrugated paper suitable for direct food contact.

Sheets of cardboard for packaging interiors

Our packaging design department can provide designs and samples of all kinds of packaging and packaging interiors, adapted to the product that will be contained inside the package. This helps our customers to assess the quality of the finished product and to swiftly make the most suitable decisions.

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