Corrugated Cardboard Dividers

Corrugated cardboard sheets that can be used to separate and protect goods and to improve palletisation. This cardboard can be die-cut in a variety of shapes, to use for a wide range of purposes.

When used as dividers, these corrugated cardboards can be personalised with different treatments to suit the specific needs of the palletised goods, with anti-skid, anti-humidity, anti-abrasion or anti-scratch treatments. These treatments can be applied to one or to both sides of the product for a combined effect.

Types of cardboard dividers:

You can further improve your palletisation and product shipping by requesting a quote on edge or corner protectors.

Sectors that use cardboard dividers:

Cardboard dividers manufactured to improve palletisation

The corrugated cardboard dividers are always manufactured taking into account the client’s needs, regarding weight per square meter, shape and cardboard thickness. They can also be personalised to include prints or to be die-cut to the needed size and shape. Contact us today with your specific requirements and we will offer you a customised packaging solution.

Corrugated cardboard dividers are durable and  better protection

Corrugated cardboard dividers are a more durable and protective solution than paper dividers. Corrugated cardboard is a rigid material and has a layer of air within that absorbs damage, making it the best solution to ensure a safe palletisation. For specific purposes, cardboard dividers may be personalised with a PET coat or layer, or with other layers such as a foam complex.

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