Cardboard pallet dividers

Corrugated Cardboard Dividers

Corrugated cardboard sheets, perfect for use as pallet dividers, improving the stability and safety of stacked goods and the transport of all kinds of products. Our cardboard can be die-cut in a variety of shapes, to use it for a wide range of purposes.

The finishes available for our dividers are: anti-humidity, anti-shock, anti-slip and anti-static coating.

Custom cardboard pallet dividers

All our dividers are customisable, including size, fluting and paper thickness and quality.

To enhance our dividers’s functionalities, our corrugated cardboards can be personalised with different treatments to suit the specific needs of the palletised goods, with anti-skid, anti-humidity, anti-abrasion or anti-scratch treatments. These treatments can be applied to one or to both sides of the product for a combined effect.

Cardboard spacers for packaging

Our cardboard dividers or cardboard interleavers are also an industrial packaging that can be made to measure, to be used as a base for other types of protective packaging, including cardboard spacers, cardboard grids or other customised product or pallet packaging.

Cardboard dividers can be printed to order, using flexo or offset technologies.

Types of cardboard dividers

You can further improve your palletisation and product stability by requesting a quote on edge or corner protectors.

Some sectors that use cardboard dividers

Carboard packaging for furniture
Printers and graphic designers
Graphic arts
emballage ccarton industriel
Industrial equipment
Bagged goods
emballage carton pour fenetres

Cardboard dividers manufactured to improve palletisation

The corrugated cardboard dividers are always manufactured taking into account the client’s needs, regarding weight per square meter, shape and cardboard thickness. They can also be personalised to include prints or to be die-cut to the needed size and shape. Contact us today with your specific requirements and we will offer you a customised packaging solution.

Pallet divider sheets increase pallet stability

The type of cardboard pallet divider to be used will depend on the product to be palletised and the type of transport and storage that the product will undergo. In addition, the dimensions and preexisting stability of the product or pallet must also be taken into account to design the optimal pallet packaging. 

In any case, our expert packaging team has extensive experience in designing customised solutions for our customers’ safety packaging and palletising.

Contact us now to find out how your choice of packaging is a key tool in maximising value in your supply chain.

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Products related to our cardboard pallet dividers

Corrugated cardboard anti skid

Anti-skid divider

Anti-slip or anti-skid corrugated cardboard dividers, made-to-measure. They can be used in manual or automatic palletisation applications.

Anti-skid cardboard dividers

Corrugated cardboard provides these dividers with reistance and stability. The anti-skid treatment prevents pallets and goods from tipping over during packaging, handling and transport.
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Anti-humidity cardboard divider

Cardboard divider with a PE layer in one or both sides, to prevent humidity or grease damage.

Anti humidity cardboard sheets

Cardboard treated to prevent humidity damage to palletised goods. Request your no obligation consultation.
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cardboard corner protectors manufacturer

Cardboard corner protectors

Edge boards designed to increase pallet stability, and to prevent damage to corners or edges.

Cardboard edge protectors

Made-to-measure to guarantee client satisfaction, our cardboard edge boards can be fully personalised in size and in prints.
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