Corrugated cardboard anti skid

Anti-Slip Corrugated cardboard dividers

Slip sheets or anti slip dividers made with corrugated cardboard. The anti slip or anti skid treatment can be applied to one or both sides of the pallet divider.

rigid corrugated cardboard divider allows for a better palletisation and manipulation, specially in automatic palletisation lines. Furthermore, because corrugated cardboard has an layer of air within, it prevents damage to the palletised products and it improves palletisation stability, specially for products packed in bags or other unstable packaging.


Anti-skid sheets for automatic palletisation machines

Discover how our anti skid cardboard sheets can be used in automatic and manual palletisation lines, thanks to its compatibility with all kinds of palletising machines. 

Anti-slip corrugated sheets made to measure

The anti-slip treatment can be applied to one or both sides of the product, in strips or applied over the whole surface of the cardboard, depending on the coefficient of friction with the palletised product and the lateral stresses to which the load will be subjected.

These corrugated anti skid sheets can be manufactured to order, adapting resistance, size and other paramenters, depending on the requirements of the palletised object or the transportation method. The anti slip treatment can also be combined with other treatments or coatings, such as a PE layered pallet divider to avoid water and humidity damage.

Advantages of our anti slip sheets and dividers

Available sizes for our anti slip cardboard dividers

Some sectors that benefit from our anti slip pallet dividers

Carboard packaging for furniture
Printers and graphic designers
Graphic designers
Bagged goods
emballage carton pour fenetres
Delicate objects

Advantages of palletising with non-slip dividers

Thanks to the rigidity provided by the corrugated cardboard, this separator can be easily used in production lines and automatic palletising.

The anti-slip divider is a logistical packaging that improves the stability of palletising and prevents loads from shifting. The anti-slip separator is an essential palletising accessory to make the stacking and palletising of delicate, irregular, bottled or bagged products completely safe.

In addition to eliminating slippage, anti-slip dividers facilitate and optimise loading and unloading operations during transport, help prevent accidents at work and ensure the impeccable presentation of the product to the end consumer.

Non-slip corrugated cardboard sheets

Made from kraft paper, recycled and recyclable papers with a non-slip coating, these anti-slip sheets are an innovative packaging solution that respects the environment and can be easily recycled together with waste paper.

Please ask us about the possibility of manufacturing this product with FSC® certification, available upon request.

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