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Cardboard corner protectors

Cardboard corner protection in “L” or “U” shapes. Edge protectors are a strong and cost effective protective packaging for pallets and other items. The size, length, thickness, and exterior can be customised. 

As cardboard edge protectors manufacturers we have the possibility to manufacture each product to order, with a wide range of sizes and personalisation possibilities.

Wide range of cardboard corner protectors

Personalisation possibilities

Specialised finishings

Cantonera de cartón

Sustainable and recyclable packaging corners

Our cardboard edge protectors are a sustainable packaging, manufactured with eco friendly materials, namely recyclable and recycled papers. Therefore, our clients can be sure that by using this packaging they are commited towards sustainability, to the environment and with CO2 emission reduction. Request more information about the possibility to purchase FSC® certified cardboard edge protectors, available upon request. 

You can download our pdf if you need further information about the measures and characteristics of our cardboard edge protectors.

Some industries that use cardboard corner protectors

Carboard packaging for furniture
Fruit and vegetables
emballage ccarton industriel
Industrial equipment
emballage carton pour fenetres
Construction materials
papier et plastique
Paper and packaging

Cardboard edge protectors stabilise and reinforce palletised loads

Cardboard corner protectors stabilise and reinforce palletised loads during transit and storage. Placed in edges and corners, they are ideal to protect from stretch film pressure, and from strapping and palletisation damage. Edge protectors are also an excellent option for the internal reinforcement of cardboard boxes.

Cardboard corners for packaging can be used use with automatic or manual palletising packaging machines.

Custom cardboard edge protectors to improve palletisation

Corner protectors can be manufactured to the exact specifications required to avoid damage to the corners and edges of palletised products, as well as the corners of boxes.

This makes corner boards an affordable, yet effective, protective packaging cardboard for edges and corners. Depending on the level and type of palletisation and protection required, the corner board might need to be manufactured with custom specifications. Our wide range of manufacturing possibilities lets us produce corner protectors to meet any client’s standards.

Contact us now to get professional advice on the best option for your particular case or to get a personalised quotation.

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