Single Faced Corrugated Cardboard

The single faced corrugated cardboard can be used as a protective packaging to wrap around all kind of goods. Different weights, sizes and colours are available, as it is made to order. It can also be personalised with printed logos or texts, such as storage or unpackaging instructions.

It can also be manufactured with an external plastic laminate to provide additional protection against humidity or grease. Additionally, it can be manufactured with an anti-shock, anti-skid and anti-scratch foam layer specially designed for delicate surfaces or delicate goods.

We also manufacture corrugated cardboard sheets or planks and single faced corrugated paper, suitable for food contact, with the ISO 22000 guarantee.

Available finishings

Industries that use single faced corrugated cardboard


Single faced cardboard rolls or sheets

All the single faced corrugated cardboard we manufacture is produced according to customer standards. To make it easier to handle, it can be delivered in flat planks or with clefts to provide additional flexibility.It can also be printed or layered with a PET coating to prevent humidity-damage to packaged products.

Packaging with single faced corrugated cardboard

Single faced corrugated cardboard is a flexible packaging that can be wrapped around to protect a wide range of products. Because single faced cardboard can be delivered in rolls, the user can cut as much as needed for each case, making it an excellent choice for reducing packaging references to a single option. Furthermore, because our cardboard is manufactured with recycled papers, it is a recyclable and sustainable alternative to other flexible packaging.

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