cardboard tubes and cardboard cores

Industrial cardboard tubes and cores

Cardboard tubes and cores are made-to-order, including a personalised diameter, length, thickness, resistance, and with the possibility of including prints. 

We manufacture all kinds of cardboard tubes, including spiral or convolute cardboard tubes, long or short tubes and large cardboard cores.

cardboard tubesFabrica embalaje de cartonFabrica embalaje de cartonManufacturer of cardboard tubesIndustrial cardboard tube manufacturer

From our three industrial cardboard tube production facilities we can supply all kind of cardboard tubes and cores in multiple sizes, including long cardboard tubes made to measure. 

We can also supply high-quality cardboard tubes for industrial use, such as embossed tubes or convolute tubes with the highest resistance. Additionally, we can supply plastic end caps for the cardboard packaging tubes or postal tubes.

Carboard tubes with specialty finishings available

Some industries that use our cardboard cores

Cardboard packaging tubes manufactured with recycled papers

Our cardboard paper tubes are manufactured with recycled and recyclable papers, making them a sustainable packaging solution. Our quality paper comes from renowned European suppliers of strong quality cardboard, and our production processes are audited following ISO 9001 quality guidelines. 

You may also consult us about the possibility to purchase our cardboard tubes with the FSC® certification, available on demand. 

Cardboard tubes manufactured to client standards

We are cardboard tube manufacturers since 1963. We believe that to provide personalised and made-to-order cardboard tubes is the best way to ensure customer satisfaction. 

In industrial processes, our heavy duty or strong cardboard tubes for industrial use perfectly meet the exact quality requirements to ensure smooth operations. When designed for packaging purposes, our quality postal tubes with caps guarantee that the packaging actively protects the product when you need it.

Contact a cardboard tube manufacturer

Contact us now, and let us know with your packaging requirements and the tube sizes. Your request will be studied by our expert technicians. Every quote is personalised to make sure that it reflects the customer’s requirements.

cardboard tubes

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Corrugated cardboard sheets with specialised finishings and laminations.

Corrugated cardboard dividers

Pallet dividers with specialised finishings: anti-slip, humidity or damp-proof, anti-damage or other technical finishes.
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Cardboard rings

Cardboard rings and cylinders

Cardboard mini tubes manufactured following client requirements. Used for special applications. They can be printed.

Cardboard rings

Made from recycled and recyclable cardboard. These rings can be printed inside or outside.
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Cardboard corner protectors

Cardboard edge boards manufactured sollowing client requirements. An economical and ecological protection for product or pallet's corners.

Custom edge boards

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