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As cardboard tube manufacturers, in our factories Transpack and Tubopack we are specialists in maufacturing long cardboard tubes, which are useful as packaging or as an industrial consumable.

Our long cardboard tubes are cut to the desired lenght to perfectly adapt to the client’s product and packaging needs. Because packaging is a key component to the safe delivery of companies’ goods, it is important to be in direct contact with the packaging manufacturer to ensure product quality.

How to determine the right lenght for a cardboard tube

To manufacture a personalised cardboard tube, our expert team needs to know the lenght that is required. Our cardboard tubes can be made up to 7 meters long. Our client can determine the right lenght looking at the necessities of its product and machinery tolerances. It should be taken into account that, if the tube ius to be used as packaging, the actual lenght of the tube’s interior will be reduced by the lenght of the caps used to close it. That is why it is very important to measure the tube well.

With our expert manufacturing, we can produce the tube following strict lenght tolerances. To reduce these tolerances, an additional drying process might be required, as the tube’s size stabilises as the cardboard gets dry.

How to determine the thickness that is necessary for a long tube

cardboard tubes

When dealing with very long cardboard tubes, it is specially important to determine the right thickness of the tube’s wall.. A thicker wall implies a higher manufacturing costs of the tube, and it increases its weight, but when the tube’s thickness is insufficient it can cause the tube to bend, or even break completely.

That is why the thickness of a long tube eill not depend exclusively of the lenght of the tube in itself, but also of whether it will be usead as packaging, the weight of the product to be packed in it, or the material tobe rolled over it if that is the purpose of the tube.

Thanks to our extensive experience, our sales representatives can advise on the best measures in each case. In some cases, it is also advisable to manage samples to validate the quality of the long tube in a real environment.

Transport and handling of a long tube

long cardboard tubes

Long cardboard tubes requires special palletising, to ensure that the product rests correctly on the pallet and that the tube is not bent. In order to avoid this type of damage, a variable number of pallets will be used along the entire length of the tube, trying to ensure that it rests as much as possible on the pallet.

This type of palletisation can be complicated to manage for warehouses and transporters, recommending the use of side unloading tarpaulin lorries for the shipment of the product. The customer’s warehouse operator must be properly trained for unloading, as this can be a product that can appear unstable to inexperienced personnel.

The experienced manufacturer of long cardboard cores

Leave it in our expert hands to manufacture tubes that are perfectly adapted to your needs. In addition to the different cases that must be taken into account when determining the length of the tube, an expert salesperson will be able to advise you on many other relevant aspects when choosing a tube or packaging.

Thanks to our experience, we can optimise the tube design to ensure the most efficient use of raw materials.

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