Adhesive or self-adhesive edge guards

Adhesive cardboard corner protector

Adhesive or self-adhesive edge guards are manufactured with a paper-covered adhesive in one of its sides.

Given the adhesive’s easy to remove paper protection, the corner board is easily attached, and with a simple gesture it remains fixed to any surface.

When placed in all four corners of the pallet, the cardboard edge guards stay in place, making it really easy to place plastic film or any other wrap around the pallet. Self-adhesive edge guards help this way to protect the corners and the edges of a pallet in an easy and efficient way. Cantonera de carton

Furthermore, given the special composition of the adhesive, it is also easy to remove the edge boards from the pallet. We have created our own blend of edge board’s adhesive that we adapt to meet the specific client’s requirements in balancing glue resistance and surface protection. For example, in certain occassions the adhesive needs to be personalised if it is to be applied directly on the product, to avoid damage to delicate surfaces. This way we can guarantee a stable self-adhesive edge guard.

Advantages of the adhesive edge guard

The advantages of the adhesive edge guards, besides an easy use and the assurance that the edge boards will stay put, include also the fact that they are time-saving and that they are less labour intensive than ordinary corner protectors.

The reason is that self adhesive edge protectors are easier to use. Given that these adhesive edge guards stay in place once they are attached to the pallet or product’s surface, the rest of the palletisation or filming process becomes smoother and faster. This is important, specially, in vertical palletisations, whether they take place in a manual or an automatic process.

Furthermore, the use of adhesive edge boards greatly reduces the risk of corner boards bending, separating or getting damaged, improving the resistance of the packaging as a whole.

Manufacturers of bespoke adhesive corner boards

The company Transpack manufactures edge boards following client specifications, to ensure that each pallet of cardboard corner boards that we deliver meets the specific client criteria. On top of that, given our ample experience as manufacturers of specialty corner boards, we can place adhesive even in asymetric corner boards.

Thanks to this, we possess great flexibility in manufacturing the corner boards and supplying them with great client focus. To obtain a personalised quotation for the corner board that your product requires, do not hesitate to contact us. Our expert personnel will advise you in order to help you select the most efficient edge boards for each specific purpose.


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