Packaging Solutions

We have ample experience manufacturing custom cardboard packaging used in all kind of industries and sectors. This expertise makes us capable of adapting our products to every client’s particular needs. We can provide a complete packaging solution that ensures the protection of all kind of goods. Read more about your company’s sector to find our how can we help you.

Printers and graphic designers

Graphic arts

The graphic arts sector requires great quality and personalisation in compact cardboard sheets and in corrugated cardboard. This includes product customisation with colours, laminated surfaces and adapted weight and thickness.

Cakes and cookies

Cakes and cookies

Food requires quality and safety in all its  packaging, from cardboard trays and baskets or punnets to single faced paper.  This industry requires a high quality in all related packaging, as to convey the desired image to the customer.

Carboard packaging for furniture


Quality furniture relays on packaging to protect lacquered or painted surfaces. Optimum packaging solutions can include cardboard edge boardscardboard pallet dividers or combinations of cardboard and foam in all shapes and sizes, in order to protect goods from shock and abrasion damage.

emballage carton pour fenetres


The protection of aluminium and other lacquered or chromed metals is guaranteed with protection solutions based in cardboard edge boardscardboard pallet dividers or corrugated paper and cardboard treated to have anti-scratch, anti-static or anti-humidity properties.

Petit four


Through our experience as suppliers to manufacturers of smoked and sliced products, pates and foie-gras, we have developed a wide range of packaging solutions to make every product arrive to the customer with its best image. Print your logo or recipes to make your product even more special.

emballage ccarton industriel

Industrial equipment

The equipment manufacturers, whether they produce equipment big or small, require specialised and adapted packaging. This can be provided, for example, though cardboard pallet dividers with antigrease, antihumidity, antistatic or antislip treatment for pallet protection.


Fruit and vegetables

The fruit sector requires personalised solutions, from cardboard baskets or punnets to pallet protection with cardboard edge boards and cardboard pallet dividers. Find out how we can help you protect your fruit and vegetables so that they can reach your customers in optimal conditions.



Textiles require special protection while handling and shipping. Customised solutions for every case can include from cardboard tubes to flexible cardboard sheets and other cardboard dividers that protect the textiles.

papier et plastique

Bagged dry goods

These products require a special protection to avoid slipping or breaking during transport and handling. We have developed a series of special protections, including specific edge boardsanti-skid corrugated cardboard dividers and other personalised solutions.

Paper and tape

From customisable cardboard rings and tubes or cardboard cores, to complete solutions to guarantee complete pallet protection. E-mail us to find out more about how we can help you.



Pyrotechnic and flare companies require an experienced provider in precise and complex cardboard tubes that can provide the maximum quality and safety guarantees.

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