Tubopack S.A.

A manufacturer of cardboard tubes and industrial packaging since 1976. At its facilities in Hernani (Guipúzcoa), it specialises in the manufacture of cardboard tubes and cores, and cardboard rings, both in spiral  and parallel winding.

tubos de carton y mandriles cartonTubopack, much more than cardboard tubes

At Tubopack we are committed to providing customers with exceptional service. To this end, we constantly invest in innovation and we strive to develop and improve all kinds of tubes and cores. 

For this reason we are one of the leading Spanish producers of technical cardboard tubes, such as heavy-duty tubes, parallel tubes or embossed tubes. In addition, we can also offer quotations for normal cardboard tubes, such as tubes with caps used for shipping documents. 

Tubopack, the trusted manufacturer of cardboard tubes

To guarantee the best service, Tubopack always manufactures its cardboard tubes made-to-measure after a client’s order is placed. All the packaging and cardboard tubes in our prouct range can be customised in terms of length, wall thickness, strength and with different outside and inside finishes. 

At Tubopack we have a wide variety of shafts with which to manufacture tubes of all kinds of diameters. This way, we ensure that the tubes, cores, rings or other cardboard packaging always meet the expectations of each customer, at the most competitive price.

Tubopack has extensive experience as a supplier to companies in the pyrotechnics, textile, furniture, metalworking and many other industrial sectors. Thanks to this experience, we can advise you in your choice of the most efficient packaging, so that you don’t have to worry about anything but your business.

Some sectors in which Tubopack operates

Papers and tapes
artes graficas
Graphic arts

Tubopack can advise you in your packaging choices

Tubopack provides packaging advice to help customers and prospective cusomers choose the packaging that best suits their needs. The packaging must be adapted not only to the type of product, but also to the type of transport and storage to which the product will be subjected. 

In addition, because Tubopack is part of a group of cardboard packaging manufacturing companies, we can provide a complete range of packaging. We offer customers who need to complete their order with cardboard corner protectors, other industrial cardboard packaging and packaging suitable for food contact.

Our experienced team knows all the secrets of cardboard packaging and can design the most efficient packaging solution for you. Let yourself be advised. 

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