tubopack - tubos de cartón Hernani

TUBOPACK S.A. – Polígono de Eziago 22, parcela 14. 20120 Hernani, Guipúzcoa – Teléfono: 94 333 18 75

Manufacturers of cardboard tubes and cores, and cardboard packaging since 1976. Our installations in Hernani (Basqueland), specialises in the manufacturing of cardboard rings, tubes and cores both manufactured in spiral and convolute.

In Tubopack we focus on providing our customers with exceptional service. That is why we are constantly investing in innovation, and we make great efforts in developing and improving all kinds of cardboard tubes. That is why we are one of the main producers of technical cardboard tubes of the Spanish market.

Additionally, since Tubopack is part of the group of cardboard packaging manufacturers Transpack Group, we can also supply a complete packaging service. We can complete our customer’s orders and deliveries with cardboard edgeboards, corrugated cardboard packaging and cardboard packaging suitable for direct food contact.

Tubopack has ample experience as a supplier to industries such as pyrotechnics, textile manufacturers, metallurgic companies and many other industrial sectors. Furthermore, we also manufacture tubes for deliveries and the protection of products. Given this expertise, we are the confident that we are the most suitable supplier to assess client’s needs and to help our clients in packaging choices.

To learn more about our industrial cardboard packaging or about our food-suitable cardboard packaging, you can visit the related sections of our website.

To guarantee that we provide the best service, Tubopack always manufactures cardboard tubes to-order. All the cardboard tubes and other packaging thatw e manufacture can be personalised in lenghts, thickness, walls, resistance and finishing criteria. We have a wide range of possibilities to choose from to manuacture all kinds of diameters. This way, Tubopack ensures that tubes, cores, rings and other cardboard packaging always meet client expectations.

To this end, Tubopack provides its customers with free packaging advice and consulting services, so as to help customers to make the best choices regarding packaging design and quality. Packaging must not only adapt to the kind of product to be packaged, but also take into account the kind of transport and storage the product will undertake. Our experienced team has dealt with multiple situations and is extremely qualified to design a packaging solution that is bespoke for your particular situation.

You can visit us in our cardboard tube and cardboard packaging manufacturing facilities in Hernani (Basqueland), for which you should have a prior appointment. You can directly contact our factory by calling phone number +34 94 333 18 75. Since Tubopack is part of Transpack Group, we can also help you quickly outside of Hernani, in the whole of Spain and in France and Portugal.

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