Waterproof cardboard boxes

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The boxes made with waterproof corrugated cardboard are manufactured with recycled papers laminated with a PE layer in one or both sides. Because of the PE layer, it is guaranteed that the boxes or other packaging manufactured from this material resist water and grease damage.

These waterproof cardboard boxes can be used, among other usages, to package products that will be stored in humid locations, outdoors, or in fridges, freezers, cold storages and simillar locations. To make these boxes more resistant against the humidity in those locations, we recommend a waterproof cardboard box with a PE laminate in both sides.

Waterproof cardboard boxes with PE laminate

Cardboard boxes are a popular packaging choice for the storage and transportation of a wide range of products. Furthermore, cardboard is a recyclable and recycled material, which makes the boxes an ecological and sustainable packaging option.

However, sometimes paper cannot adequately resist certain uses or environments, reducing product shelf-life or even making cardboard boxes use impossible under certain circumstances. To prevent this, corrugated cardboard can be laminated. This way, corrugated cardboard obtains certain properties that only plastic has, such as resistance to humidity, to grease, an increased resistance that makes it able to withstand superior weights, and even make it suitable for direct food contact.

On top of that, since the plastic component is still a minimum part of the material that makes up the box, it is an ecological and sustainable alternative to porex and other plastic- or petrol-based materials.

Characteristics of a waterproof cardboard box

Cardboard boxes are given a PE plastic layer, giving the cardboard boxes superior strenght and resistance. Through the plastic layer, boxes or other packaging are more resistant to damage naturally occurring during handling, transportation and storage.

Even though the laminate plastic layer gives the cardboard more resistance under any circumstance, it is specially under humid conditions that the PE layer makes all the difference. A waterproof cardboard box protects its contents in humid environments, and it can also resist storing humid or frozen products inside it.

waterproof corrugated cardboardFurthermore, when compared to other waterproofing treatments applied on top of the cardboard, like waxes, the PE laminate is the only option that ensures that the cardboard is fully covered, which meand it is the only waterproofing solution that guarantees a 100% waterproof barrier.   

How we manufacture waterproof cardboard boxes

To manufacture personalised waterproof corrugated cardboard boxes, we need to know the size and shape of the product that will be packaged inside the box, or to know the masurements of the packaging that is being currently used. It is also important to know the environment in which the box will be used, shipped and stored. In Transpack Group we always recommend to do an industrial trial with samples that we provide, in real use conditions that reflect packaging processes, storage environments and transportation methods and routes.

Check with our experto personnel how to arrange a sample delivery to your location, and how to correctly handle the tests.


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